During daytime, while most of us are in our workplace, hundreds of thousands of small to medium size vehicles are delivering goods and services, transporting rescue teams, and performing many other professional activities.
Most people behind the steering wheel are hired personnel and not professional drivers.
Elecom closely monitors the drivers’ behavior and proficiency, alerting fleet managers about irregularities in driving style, assets misuse or abuse, as well as the mechanical status of the vehicles.
Safety is a core activity in such an environment, and taking care of drivers, passengers, goods and vehicles are of high importance. Our integrated G-Sensor detects harsh turns, braking and accelerations. Simultaneously, crossing data with OBD parameters and location, creating alerts and meaningful BI information at the fingertips of the fleet manager.
Safety studies have shown that monitored drivers tend to moderate driving style and respect rules and policies.
Driving moderation alone saves significantly in fuel consumptions as well as improves components lifecycle, passenger satisfaction and the mechanical shape of the vehicles.
All resulting information is viewable to the driver on the dashboard and transmitted real- time and/ or off line to the fleet manager.

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