Today, modern logistic companies are taking over a sizeable amount of the non-core activities of the manufacturer. Production facilities are outsourcing the shipping, stocking and handling of goods to specialized firms. Elecom`s contribution in the logistics realm is crucial, as we can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle mechanical parts, increase up-time, monitor losses due to fraud, theft, unnecessary idling and misuse of vehicles. By deploying sophisticated supply-chain-management and measurement systems, Elecom provides logistics companies with the ability to handle their entire fleet while saving huge money on the total cost of ownership.
Long Haul
Most vehicles are generally large and some of them carry trailers. These trips are mainly on highways, characterized by constant changes in climate, fuel types and road conditions. The trips are long at a relatively constant speed and vehicles are running for many hours per day.
Breakdown in a remote location means a huge expense to the operator in accommodating travelers with alternative transportation, compensations, and dealing with towing and repair costs.
Short Haul
Vehicles are small to medium in size. Many stops, high idle time, brakes and clutches suffer from accelerated wear and tear. Engine is subjected to accelerations and multiple ignitions

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