Delivering chilled and frozen goods: food, pharmaceuticals and environmentally delicate products involves constant monitoring of goods’ temperatures.
Drivers may turn off the refrigeration unit to save fuel or to reduce noise, as they compromise on the conditions of the goods.
Elecom’s Temperature Control-Chain maintains a fully documented temperature log for refrigerated goods during distribution from the manufacturer via the distribution channel, until delivery to the customer’s warehouse.
Once deployed, the system combines the cabin’s temperature data to other factors, such as door sensors and compressor status.
This is used primarily by pharmaceutical companies and refrigerated or frozen food product manufacturers. The system ensures compliance with government health and safety regulations by providing real-time and periodical reports.
Elecom’s temperature sensors provide real time monitoring of the temperature in refrigerated compartments, allowing you to identify and address the problem before goods spoil:
  • Viewing accurate online information 24/7 for your entire refrigerated cargo fleet.
  • Receiving real time alerts via email / SMS whenever temperature exceeds limits.
Similar temperature control is also used on buses, mainly to monitor passenger cabin temperatures for customer comfort purposes. When a client files a complaint about temperature we can provide historical data of time, location and temperature.
Elecom is also providing analogue and digital sensors for different purposes, such as:
  • Special multi-point temperature monitoring.
  • Real-time alerts on extreme temperature changes.
  • Ability to interface with refrigerating controllers.
  • Temperature log history for regulation control.
  • Axle Weight Monitoring (by CANBUS).
  • Load Weight Monitoring (by CANBUS).
  • Point of delivery control.
  • Doors open/close monitoring.
Door Sensor:
Monitors in real time the status of the cargo doors in your vehicles. Elecom’s on-board device supports multi connections to door sensors allowing real time monitoring and alerts via email/SMS when a door is opened.
  • Use to maintain the quality of goods in temperature controlled cargo.
  • Get notification when doors open outside of regular working hours to enhance the security of your vehicles and goods.

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