As safety is one of the main values at the core of Elecom’s activities, all our solutions include the monitoring of safety events. Elecom takes care of your drivers, passengers, vehicles health and goods.
Elecom has revolutionized the safety monitoring concept by combining G-force events with mechanical diagnostics. Our integrated G-Sensor detects harsh turns, braking and accelerations. Simultaneously, the on-board device is crossing this gyroscopic data with CANBUS parameters and location, creating alerts and meaningful BI information at the fingertips of the fleet manager.
Safety studies have shown that monitored drivers tend to moderate driving style and respect rules and policies. Driving moderation alone can save up to 25% on fuel consumptions. In addition, it improves components’ lifecycle, passenger’s satisfaction as well as the mechanical shape of the vehicles.
Thanks to the embedded G-sensor (also known as ”digital gyroscope”), Elecom detects harsh turns, accelerations, braking, harsh cornering (while pushing the brake pedal/ pushing the acceleration) and distance-maintaining behavior.
The indications and the severity of such manoeuvres, are viewable to the driver in real time at the dashboard and transmitted in real time to the fleet manager.

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