Studies show that “human factors”, such as driver mechanical skills and aggressive driving are responsible for up to 25% of the vehicle Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Elecom impacts this by delivering tools that enable the transformation of good drivers into excellent drivers: Elecom’s accurate and detailed, driving data analysis system, serves as a valuable tool in improving the way drivers treat their vehicles.
Elecom’s systems allow customers to design a dedicated campaign and run it for a period of time in order to get drivers to their maximum professional skills, while taking into consideration all other components that might have an influence on the outcome of such a campaign.
For example, a fuel campaign will not only measure fuel consumption per driver / vehicle and mission type, but also take into consideration the affect on fuel of compressor operation, DPF (Diesel Filter) operation style and status, filters status, oil & water temperatures . Possible campaigns may be: fuel, clutch, brakes, and gear.

Elecom’s systems:
  • Improves driver’s operational skills.
  • Reduces vehicle’s wear and tear.
  • Reducing significantly unjustified Idling also by cross checking the PTO usage, vehicle task performed correlated with vehicle location.
  • Cuts fuel losses.
  • Adapts driving style to trip duty.

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