Traditionally, fleet maintenance and repair is carried out in two ways: reactive maintenance upon failure or preventive maintenance, by replacing good parts based on age, mileage or hours. Neither of these methods are optimal and cause losses due to down-time and inefficient projection.
Elecom has built strong automotive engineering capabilities throughout the years and is recognized throughout the automobile manufacturing industry as an expert in this area.
Elecom constantly monitors vehicle parameters and establishes the optimal operational mode.
By analyzing trends and periodical changes, Elecom is able to alert the fleet manager on evolving problems in order to program necessary maintenance requirements.

 Elecom has managed to leverage its unique know-how by expanding its offering of safety and proficiency to encompass mechanical health such as:

  • Extending the components’ lifecycle and save unnecessary component replacements.
  • Mapping components behavior.
  • Detecting irregularities on components.
  • Monitoring evolving problems when driver has no indication yet.
  • Predicting and planning maintenance.
Diagnosing from a distance provides the possibility to remotely examine particular parts of a vehicle is a very important and powerful tool utilized by Elecom for all its various solutions.
All events, new SW versions for both HW (Firmware) and the backend side (Software) are OTA (Over The Air) capable.
This approach allows also the update of software within a component of the manufacturing company.

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