Garbage collection is traffic-intensive and a costly activity for municipalities. Elecom saves operators on fuel, brakes, clutches & downtime, while improving efficiency and safety. As part of our solution, we can incorporate additional value added components: Step Sensor – limiting speed while worker is back riding.

PTO Activity – optimizing fuel used on trash compressor. PTO on Idle – disabling idle alert when PTO is on. Ignition Immobilizer – false driver ID engine immobilizing. NavCom – providing waste management company with a set of value added services by Utilizing Elecom’s quality Mobile Data Terminals: Notifications when entering and exiting collection area. Notification when vehicle is full.

Each building is mapped as a mini geo-fence, so the dispatcher knows exactly the houses that have been serviced and the efficiency. Routing and re-routing of waste collection vehicles according to demand.

Utilizing a unique RF – ID tagging solution to track and record bin’s collections. Additional Benefits: Fuel theft detection. Safety and driver behavior. Driver proficiency. Mechanical status.


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